With new release “High On Your Love,” Swiss pop veteran Nico Molaschi paints an irresistible portrait of modern romance. Even though the narrative takes on a surprising shape, the high of falling for someone for the first time will strike a chord with the hardest of hearts.


What Molaschi does so well is blend a catchy pop bassline with beautifully creative vocals. The images he creates reveal his colorful imagination, and draw the listener in. Depictions like opener “the lipstick stains on the mirror” sends chills down your spine, pulling us into Nico’s world. The song’s protagonist falls in love with an escort, a tale as old as the job itself. Because of the masks escorts must wear, or the roles that escorts adapt for a living, the song is really about falling in love with a fantasy. Nico’s soaring vocals reflect the intoxication of the myth, and our hero realizes that we all wear masks, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes the fantasy of love is better than the real thing.


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