While we are still waiting for Missy Elliott to release a new album, the rap veteran had Twitter buzzing over a possible collaboration with R&B superstar SZA.

It all started on Twitter when a fan suggested that the R&B singer and Missy should do a collaborative song. “A dangerous dream I only dreamt in me dream,” SZA replied back to the fan.

Well, it looks like Missy saw the tweet and thought it was a brilliant idea. The legendary rapper responded to SZA with a sizzling-hot tweet: "Sounds like a scorcher banga to me. Mercy!"

Now if these two music superstars do hit the studio together, there's no question that a fiery banger would be the end result. We need SZA's label, Top Dawg Entertainment, to make this happen — ASAP!

Hell, we'll even settle for a "Broken Clocks" remix featuring SZA and Misdemeanor.

Fans on Twitter seem to agree that that a SZA-Missy collaboration is necessary for the culture. Hopefully, it will happen sooner than later.

In the meantime, SZA is working on a deluxe edition her Grammy-nominated album, Ctrl. The 27-year-old singer revealed that the collection will boast six bonus tracks not featured on the original album. There's no word on when the project will eventually hit digital stores.