Mick Jenkins has begun the campaign for his next album. The Windy City rhymer announced its title and a timeframe for its release while premiering his new single “Bruce Banner” on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show.

“It’s going to be called Pieces of a Man,” he revealed. “And it’s coming this fall.”

Lowe probed for a more specific date, mentioning October. Jenkins responded with a “maybe.”

Jenkins’ “Bruce Banner” was Lowe’s World Record selection for Monday (August 6), and the skilled MC spoke on his mindset while creating the track during the conversation.

“I’m in a space where I’m like, ‘Alright I’m ready to step back out and let everybody know what I’m working on,’” he said. “And I think that’s where that song is coming from. Just like Bruce Banner, right? You know the mathematician, the guy putting it together like there is an actual Hulk in there and he’s coming out.”

Listen to Lowe’s entire interview with Jenkins below.