Montreal's own Lou Phelps isn't one to shy away from dabbling in myriad sounds, as evidenced on his 2017 mixtape 001: Experiments. So for his latest single, “Come Inside,” Phelps recruited his brother and super producer Kaytranada to lay down a buoyant, groovy production and called upon fellow Canadian rapper Jazz Cartier for the assist. Today, Phelps is back with a trippy visual accompaniment inspired by The Jackson's “Blame It On The Boogie.”

In the video for “Come Inside,” Phelps is seated on his living room couch, avoiding calls from a woman named “Do Not Answer” in his phone. The TV is set to a talk show program in which the host happens to be Phelps himself. Looking to escape his misery for a moment, Phelps sees an infomercial on the screen for incense and orders a box. After burning a few sticks incense, he's taken into a parallel universe (which turns out to be his kitchen) where he begins dancing with a bunch females until he's brought back to reality with a gunshot from an unknown female.

“I wanted to make a trippy video and the main inspiration was 'Blame It on The Boogie' from the Jacksons. So we were like 'How can I get high without promoting drugs?' And that's where the incense came from,” he tells Billboard. “A good way to introduce the incense was me watching myself in a parallel universe on my own talk show. I wanna let the viewers this video interpret the meaning it how they want. But mine is basically, no matter how much you try to escape your problems, they keep on catching up to you.”

Watch Lou Phelps' video for “Come Inside” below.