Teens packed out the famed Irving Plaza on Monday night (March 26) as Lil Skies brought his Life a Dark Rose Tour blazing through NYC for back-to-back entertaining shows on the same night. The 19-year-old maintained commanding stage presence much like a hip-hop veteran, as he delivered an energetic half-hour set leaving fans satisfied. Skies even brought out Ski Mask the Slump God for a special appearance to help close out the sold-out show, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Skies' right-hand man, Landon Cube, opened the concert with a concise set getting concertgoers warmed up alongside their tour DJ. The Maryland native ripped through major contributions to his catalog such as the Sprite Lee-assisted “Round N Round,” “Beachtown,” “19,” and “Drive My Car.” 

Throughout his mesmerizing set, Cube possessed an indelible croon that showcased his versatility, something that surely will help him succeed in multiple genres later in his career. As for the women in attendance, they fawned at Cube's angelic flowing hair, which danced every time he floated across stage. 

By 11:15 PM, a marijuana aroma had dominated the venue, as the smoke compiled from the two shows made for a hazy scene. Minutes later, Skies emerged through it, causing the venue to shake from hundreds teenagers hyped to finally witness their hero. The Waynesboro, PA native began donning a black long sleeve shirt and coinciding cap but quickly ditched both garments much to the pleasure the ladies. 

“Let's start this motherfucking rodeo,” the Atlantic Records artist began, as the “Welcome to the Rodeo” instrumental boomed through the Irving Plaza sound system. On the same day Skies reiterated his “no interviews” stance on Twitter, his vibe was extremely natural when connecting with fans while on stage like he was born to do this. 

The Life a Dark Rose artist continued to perform standout cuts from his acclaimed January mixtape including “Big Money,” where he references notching his first million, and the cutthroat “Strictly Business.” Skies later asked for help from the crowd when it was time to rock out to his Yung Bans collaboration, “Lonely.” 

A shirtless Landon Cube returned to the stage, as both artists boast six-pack abs within their tattoo-laden frames. The talented duo performed their pair Billboard Hot 100 charting hits (“Red Roses” and “Nowadays”) as fans belted out every word, reminiscent  a turned-up rock concert. 

The 19-year-old obviously cares about everything that goes into his tour; He wasn't joined by tens people on stage either, which was a breath fresh air straying away from the strategy some in his age group implement. It was just Lil Skies, his tour DJ, and photographer Nick Jandor, giving the “Creeping” artist plenty room to dance around and interact with the crowd. 

“I love y’all, man, that shit was beautiful,” says Skies before letting fans in on the night's secret. “I got a special guest in the building.” Despite his recent health issues, Ski Mask the Slump God made his way to the stage to close out the show.

The venue's infectious energy made its way to the 21-year-old artist as he performed the distorted “Take a Step Back,” which usually features XXXTentacion, by himself. Lil Skies exited the stage with a heartfelt thank you, “I love you guys. Thank you so much.” The lights came on, but fans didn't want the night to end — as their “One more song” chants went unheard. 

Irving Plaza's hallways quickly filled up as sweaty fans looked like they were heading to the locker room after participating in a pickup basketball game, rather than viewing a concert. As one fan put it: “I can't feel my legs, but that was awesome.”