DMX is facing a five-year sentence for failing to paying $1.7 million in taxes. But his attorneys and other friends are trying several last-ditch efforts to help the embattled rapper avoid being locked up.

Former NBA star Jayson Williams has come to DMX’s defense and has revealed to TMZ that if the judge spares the rapper jail time, he can help him recover from his addiction to opioids. Williams, a recovering addict himself, runs the Rebound Institute, which is a faith-based addiction and wellness program located in Palm Beach County, FLa. He wants to bring the former Ruff Ryders rapper to his center and help him become a better and sober human being.

Williams says DMX is not a criminal, he’s just sick.

"He wasn't evading taxes on purposes. When you are in a self-destruct mode…you are not worrying about paying taxes," he said. "We are dealing with a sick individual."

"Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom…he's at the 23rd hour and] now he's scared," he continues. "Now is the time to get him better."

"DMX] can really change the world," he added. "He can take the stigma f sobriety. He is not a bad person, he's a sick person that needs help."

DMX faces restitution $2.3 million along with a maximum fine $100,000 in addition to jail time when he is formally sentenced before Manhattan federal Judge Jed Rakf on Thursday (March 29).