Gorillaz released their first album in six years, Humanz, last April, and now, Damon Albarn and company are already prepping the follow-up. During a recent show in Chile, Gorillaz treated the crowd to a preview a new record titled “Hollywood.”

“If you go and tell anyone that we’re putting a new album out very soon, then I’ll deny it because I didn’t say that, all right?” he told the crowd. Albarn asked the crowd to guess who the featured artist was on the track before diving into the spacey, synth-laden cut that later revealed veteran West Coast MC Snoop Dogg as the featured artist on the track.

The band has apparently been sitting on “Hollywood” for a while: They mentioned the then-unfinished track in an interview in October 2016. Gorillaz previously collaborated with Snoop on their 2010 track “Welcome to the World the Plastic Beach” and returned the favor on Snoop's 2011 cut “Sumthin Like This Night.”

Watch Gorillaz debut their new track “Hollywood” below: