Of all the many sides Eminem that appeared on Revival, fans were eager to hear Em dip back to his Slim Shady days on the album standout “Framed” — a chilling, horrorcore-style cut saluting Em's Relapse album. Now, Em is about to return with the menacing video accompaniment for “Framed,” sharing a teaser trailer for the upcoming video on Wednesday (March 28). 

The video opens with a fake news broadcast playing on the television screen as a montage gruesome photos a murder scene appear on the TV. Em is seated in front the TV, in the middle a living room with dead, bloody bodies lying about. Seemingly unfazed by the dead bodies, Em continues sketching a few drawings on a sheet a paper, and later on in the visual, a paper with “3 AM” — another horror-filled song featured on Em's Relapse — written all over appears. The camera then flips between clips a bloody hand taking pills from a bottle and a figure running in a gloomy hospital, as a detective makes his way to Em's home.

On Instagram, he shared the clip with the caption “I was fraaaaaaamed #REVIVAL” — although he didn't reveal when the eerie video will debut.

Recently, Eminem joined the fight against gun violence with the extended version the Kehlani-featuring “Nowhere Fast,” aimed directly at the NRA. “Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, another lone wolf gunman/ Sometimes I don't know what this world has come to/ It's blowin' up,” he rapped, highlighting a slew tragic mass shootings that have occurred in recent years. 

Watch the trailer for “Framed” below.