OVO Sound leader Drake quickly made fans forget about his suddenly-vanished beard and focus on his humorous side after taking over NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

Drake opened up Saturday (May 14)’s broadcast with a quirky monologue which included him singing about his meme popularity.

“Backstage, my friend showed me this meme he found online, and it really shook me,” the Canadian hip-hop star explains. “It was me, dancing in my ‘Hotline Bling’ video. Some joker had put a caption on it that said ‘When U farted and got away with it.” “If I’m being real, it hurts,” he says. “It’s almost like, all I can do is sing about it.” Featuring lyrics like “I just want to scream/because I’m more than a meme,” Drake’s song also offered glimpses at a half-dozen memes. One shows him in a wheelchair and reads: “Started in a wheelchair, now we here.” Another has a picture of him asking “Are you gonna finish those fries?” (Zap 2 It)


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