It’s been roughly 4 months since Dirty Harry released his previous single with intriguing visuals “Sleepless Night” and now he is back with some new sounds.
The FL – based rapper is introducing to us his latest effort “Shake Back” which is a gangsta rap staple, a complete takeover of our attention.
With hooks and production on the same level as his rhymes, Dirty Harry is showing us a wholly modern affair with his latest offering.
He carries the entire track with his singular voice oscillating between conventional rap flows, fresh beats, and explicit lyrics.
With a slightest allusion to go more pop in his music in comparison to his previous releases with some 90’s era elements, this man is secure enough in the foundation he has laid, that is why he has the right to experiment with his art.

Overall, “Shake Back” is brilliant stuff where Dirty Harry’s roots and aspirations have never been clearer.

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