The first presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle took place last night, September 29th.

While we’ve known for a long time that Trump doesn’t think treating others with basic respect is a necessity, that fact has never been clearer than last night when he spent 90 minutes interrupting and insulting both opponent Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace. Not only was the majority of the debate just the three men talking over each other; when Trump did actually form a complete sentence, he mostly spouted blatant lies and falsehoods—not to mention that he flat-out refused to condemn white supremacy.

In fact, if you want to see just how many times both men exaggerated, twisted, or just straight up denied the truth, check out Politifacts 100% accurate fact check of the debate. It will quickly become clear that Trump almost exclusively lied while on the debate stage.

Still, facts have become a negligible facet of democracy under the Trump administration, so it’s no surprise that Trump supporters still feel certain that their president’s truly childish behavior in the debate was not only acceptable but praiseworthy. To be honest, it’s difficult to fathom that there are many truly undecided voters at this point. You’re either against the rise of fascism, white supremacy, misogyny, and misinformation, or you’re voting for Trump and have decided those things are fine with you. In the most polarizing political moment perhaps in the history of America, the undecided voter is rare (and probably not paying attention).

So if most people are already certain about who they’re voting for, why did anyone watch the debate? Let’s be honest with ourselves: we watched because we knew it would be such a disaster it would be entertaining, we watched as a form of passive self-flagellation, and most of all we watched so we could keep up with the Twitter discourse. The only bright spot in the darkness of 2020 is the endlessly hilarious Twitter takes that both encompass the chaos of the moment and remind us not to take anything too seriously.

Here are our favorite Tweets about the first 2020 presidential debate, divided by category.

Watching the debate as a form of self punishment

Self care is easier said than done, and as the months of social isolation wear on, we’re all getting more and more prone to doom-scrolling on social media, reading opinions that we know will make us angry, and engaging in Facebook comment battles with our weird great uncle who might be an actual Neo-Nazi now. For many of us, watching the debate was just an extension of this toxic behavior.

Just marveling at how much three men can talk over each other

The amount of times Trump interrupted either the moderator or Joe Biden were truly countless, and ultimately forced Biden and Wallace to interrupt him and each other to get a word in edgewise. What resulted had a similar energy to a Kindergarten classroom if all the students were on amphetamines.

Mocking and/or pitying Chris Wallace

Poor Chris Wallace had the toughest job of the night. He had to try to maintain some semblance of control while asking important questions and then ensuring that the American people could actually hear the answers to the questions. It ultimately proved to be an impossible task, and America was divided on whether or not he could have done better.

Feeling bad for Hillary and despising the amount of toxic masculinity on display

If I wanted to watch three out-of-touch old white men yell at each other, I would have just waited for my family Thanksgiving in Texas.

From the moment Joe Biden said “Would you just shut up, man,” many started thinking about the double standards for men and women in power.

Just straight up insults

It’s not about looks, but these are pretty funny.

Trump refusing to condemn white supremacy

There were no winners and the losers were the American people

While we think Biden did his best to retain some level of calm under the circumstances, there is no question that the entire debate was a disaster that provided almost no concrete information.

Just….f**k Trump

Disgustingly, Trump repeatedly went after Biden’s family, insulting his son Hunter repeatedly and (falsely) claiming he had received money from Russia and been dishonorably discharged. Trump then later made it very clear that he is prepared to deny the election results should he lose.

No matter what you took away from the debate last night, make sure you’re registered to vote and have a plan to do so. Check your voter registration at Vote.Org.

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