[After recently releasing her “Numb” and “Show Me” singles, R&B singer Coline Creuzot tells SOHH what fans can expect from her upcoming Timeless EP.]

I definitely have an end date in mind. I’ve been putting a lot of effort and time into this project and I also didn’t want to rush it. I wanted it to be organic and really take the time to go in and record a lot of music and make sure that I was choosing the right songs.

.@sohh There are 6 songs on #timeless and it takes you through a journey, like a relationship from beginning to end.

— ColineCreuzot (@ColineCreuzot) May 17, 2016

I wanted to make sure I was giving them enough time to get to people to hear them and live with them for a little bit before I dropped a whole project on them.

.@sohh #ShowMe is super fun and flirty! It's a co write with Sam Hook! I usually write about heartbreak so I wanted to switch it up!

— ColineCreuzot (@ColineCreuzot) May 17, 2016

So we’re thinking the end of summer for the release, which I’m super excited about. I’m always excited when it comes to recording so we don’t have the final tracklist right now. We have an idea that if I go in and record something that is just hit out of the park, we can add that as well.

*“Show Me,” an upbeat, playful track co-written by Sam Hook, and “Numb,” a laid-back, smooth ballad, both penned by Creuzot, are immediately available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Google Play.

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