[With her new “Numb” and “Show Me” anthems gearing fans up for her new “Timeless” EP, Houston native Coline Creuzot tells SOHH why she packed up and moved out to Los Angeles full-time.]

I was doing a lot of traveling when I was living in Houston. I was going from Los Angeles to Atlanta to New York and doing a lot of songwriting.

I just got tired of living with my suitcase by the door. So I decided whether it was going to be Los Angeles or if it was going to be New York or Atlanta. So I decided to move to LA.

The weather is great here and typically most people end up coming here to write and record and do those types of things.

So I moved to Los Angeles and I’ve been here for three years.

Moving here has been great because I do get to collaborate with a lot of great songwriters and producers. I’ve been able to really network and meet a lot of new people.

It’s been amazing and it’s really helped me write as an artist and a songwriter being here and being able to be on call.

When people have sessions going on they can call like, “Hey, can you come through?” It’s a lot easier than being like, “I’m in Houston right now.”

So it’s been great.

*“Show Me,” an upbeat, playful track co-written by Sam Hook, and “Numb,” a laid-back, smooth ballad, both penned by Creuzot, are immediately available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, and Google Play.

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