Chance the Rapper refuses to remain mum in regards to controversial matters, especially if they teeter along the lines racism. 

On Sunday (March 25), a vexed Chance expressed his disdain towards such prejudicial ads, most notably a recent Heineken campaign, after the beer brand released a campaign with the tagline, “Sometimes, lighter is better.” Offended by the insensitive quip, Chance shared his frustrations on Twitter. 

“I think some companies are purposely putting out noticeably racist ads so they can get more views,” he began. “And that shit racist/bogus so I guess I shouldn’t help by posting about it. But I gotta just say tho. The “sometimes lighter is better” Heineken commercial is terribly racist omg.”

The commercial in question features a bartender who spots a woman across a rotop bar. In hopes sliding her a Heineken, he floats over the beverage, while having it pass by a Black woman and an older Black man. When the drink finally arrives in the desired woman's hands, the campaign's tagline, “Sometimes, lighter is better” pops up at the conclusion the commercial.

Later, Chance chimed back in on his previous comments and said that he wasn't urging people to “boycott,” but instead, was pointing out the numerous times controversial ads were spearheaded by racist comments.

“Im not saying boycott them or go f im just noticing how ten it happens and I think they baiting consumers and tweeters and freelancers and shit. Like I didnt wanna tweet about it so bad but its like how can u not.”

Check out the commercial and Chance's tweeted comments below.