You know the drill by now, right?

While all the other sites take a quick skim though the credits, highlighting only the names that'll attract pageviews and retweets, we take our time and really pour over the notes. Tracking down engineers, formatting, and finding fire gifs takes a piece of my soul everytime, but in the end it's worth knowing it'll be the most comprehensive, in-depth who's who across the net. For a project as involved, diverse, and rich in talent as Coloring Book, I consider it an honor.

Let's do it…  

2 Chainz

“No Problem”

Tity Boi or, as my dad calls him, Chainzy, appearing on CB is no surprise as “No Problem” was released before the tape dropped. 

Anderson .Paak


Mother of god. Chance and Anderson .Paak on the same track?!?!  I do, however, wish Anderson's contribution was larger–he provides some supporting vocals–because these two on the same track would be amazing. Oh well, even just a little Dot Paak is a blessing. 

Ashley Simpson


It should be noted that the Ashley Simpson you are thinking of spells her name “Ashlee” and in the credits here it's spelled “Ashley,” but credits often get names wrong. That said, is Ashlee Simpson really a guest on Coloring Book? Will the real Ashley Simpson please stand up.

Ashwin Torke

“No Problem”

Torke is a Chicago-based audio engineer and, judging by some of his Instagram posts, he spent a great deal of time in the studio. Are these the same matresses Chance tweeted about?

Benjamin Shepherd


Shepherd is a bass player from Wellington, New Zealand, who has also worked with ScHoolboy Q. No, this is not the same Ben Shepard that started the Kanye for Chicago mayor movement. 

BJ the Chicago Kid


Three years after appearing on Acid Rap and a year after Surf, the busiest (and best) feature artist in the game reunites with Chance. 

Brass Tracks

“No Problem”​

Ivan Jackson on horns and Connor Rayne on drums come together to form Brass Tracks. They produced “No Problem.”

Bridget Andes

“Same Drugs”

Bridget Andes is a music teacher and a violist. She's going to be the coolest teacher in school this week. 

Byron Cage


You may recognize Gospel recording artist Byron Cage from Chance's recent performance on Fallon where he premired the Cage-assisted cut. 

Cam O'bi

“No Problem,” “Finish Line/Drown” and “Blessings”

Cam O'bi is definitely a producer to keep your eye on. He's worked with Mick Jenkins and Bas, Towkio, Saba (“GPS” is insane), and produced on Acid Rap. In addition to his work on Coloring Book, which hosts some pretty marquee names attached, he also produced and sang on “Grown Ass Kid” which didn't make the album. Instead the song will serve as a the title track off his own forthcoming album.

Glad u like it. Since there aren't any credits, I wrote & produced this song w/ help from @ErynAllenKane & @Nascent_

— Cam O'bi (@iamCam) May 13, 2016

Carter Lang

“How Great”

I've come across Lang's name more than a few times during my liner note dives. Carter is a bass player who's worked on Towkio's Wav Theory, Surf, A.L.L.A., and more recently ANTI and Untitled Unmastered

Chance the Rapper

Every track on the project


Chicago Children's Choir

“All We Got,” “Same Drugs,” “How Great” and “Finish Line/Drown”

Taking a page out of Kanye's book (see “Two Words”), Chance recruits a children's choir for some some of those churcin' vibes. Also peep this. 

Chris Barnett


Barnett AKA CBMIX is a producer who is closely linked to Keef and Young Chop. He co-produced “Mixtape” along with Stix (who we will get to soon). 


“D.R.A.M. Sings Special”

“Hotline Bling” “Cha Cha” singer and Surf contributor D.R.A.M. continues to collaborate with Chance and even landed his own track.

Elle Varner

“D.R.A.M. Sings Special”

Yes! Elle Varner is one of my favorite singers around. She continues to churn out jams but never gets enough love. If you don't know her that well, I highly recommend getting familiar. Start here. 

Eric Pidluski

“Same Drugs”

Pidulski is a violinist from Chicago. 

Eryn Allen Kane

“Same Drugs” and “Finish Line/Drown”

Like the aforementioned Varner, Kane is a personal favorite. The Michigan native and DJBooth Top Prospect alum has been a Social Experiment/Chicago go-to for a minute now (“Burnout” is still one of my favorite hooks in recent memory) and she released her own project earlier this year. Part of what makes Chance's music so special is how talented the people involved are and Eryn is the perfect example. 

Francis Starlite

“All We Got,” “Summer Friends” and “Same Drugs”

Starlite is another Surf alum who also appears Coloring Book. The lead singer of Francis and The Lights, he also is credited on Drake's “Karaoke.” 

Fred Hammond

“Blessings” and “Blessings” 

Fred Hammond joins Byron Cage as a fello gospel artist appearing on one of the biggest hip-hop albums of the year. 


“Smoke Break”


Garren Langford

“Smoke Break”

Garren Langford is a Chicago producer. Most recently he produced the amazingly dope Joey Purp track, “Photobooth.”

I produced “Smoke Break” ft. Future. I'm incredibly honored. Thank you @chancetherapper @1future #ColoringBook

— GARREN (@GarrenLangford) May 13, 2016

Grace Weber

“All We Got” and “Finish Line/Drown”

Grace Weber is a great vocalist with a very powerful voice. I've heard some of her work before but had no idea she rolled with Nico Segal AKA Donnie Trumpet. I wonder if those Twitter flicks ended up being “All We Got” and “Finish Line/Drown” or if there is more in the works…

Greg Landfair (Stix)

“Mixtape” and “Finish Line/Drown”

I've been following Landfair (AKA Stix) since he was the drummer for Kids These Days…fuck, I miss Kids These Days. This is an argument for another time, but in my humble opinion Traphouse Rock is still the best project from Chicago hip-hop's new generation.  Anyway, though Stix was credited frequently on Surf, unless I'm wrong, “Mixtape” appears to be the first time he produced a song for Chance and The Social Experiment and wasn't just a drummer. 

I produced that song by the way thugger, boat, Chano �� #Chance3

— stix (@stixjams) May 13, 2016

HaHa Davis

“No Problem,” “All Night” and “Blessings”

Shades of Kanye putting that random four-year-old Instagram celebrity on Pablo, Chance recruits HaHa Davis for three songs off the album and cutting room floor favorite “Grown Ass Kid.”

Isaiah Robinson

“All We Got,” “How Great” and “Finish Line/Drown”

If Isaiah Robinson, the Gospel singer from Chicago, is the Isaiah Robinson from Coloring Book (and it more than likely is) then he is yet another gospel artist to appear on the album. That is three so far…

Jack Red

“All We Got” and “Finish Line/Drown”

I was first introduced to Jack Red from his work on Surf, and I've been a fan since. He makes some good music. 

James Francies

“No Problem”

Judging from his Twitter avatar, I'm going to go ahead and assume the Houston native played keys on “No Problem.” 

Jamie Woods

“No Problem”

There are so many crazy talented people attached to this album and Woods is another one. A quick listen to hear work and I'm very impressed. A la Surf I'm finding alot of great artists from the liner notes. 

Jamila Woods


Jamila Woods, a recent Closed Sessions signee, is likely a name you are already familiar with, and not just from Chance's Fallon show “Blessings” premiere. She just released a record produced by The Roots, has appeared on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' “White Privlege II” and I still love the shit out of some Milo & Otis. 

Jay Electronica

“How Great”

Fuck that, call him Jay Erykahbadu-ica. 

Jeff Lane

“No Problem”

Lane is an audio engineer with over 40 years of credits to his name. Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, R. Kelly, Jay Z, Mary J. Blige​ and the list goes on. It's on hell of a resume.


“Summer Friends”

Thanks to “Summer Friends” we don't have to listen to Post Malone's “Fuck It” to enjoy new Jeremih. 

Jonathan Hoard

“No Problem”

There seems to be quite a few additional vocalists on “No Problem” and Hoard is one of em, here's some more of his music.

Jordan Ware

“D.R.A.M. Sings Special”

Ware is a producer who has previously worked with Coloring Book contributors Elle Varner and Biebz Mcgeebz. 

Josephine Lee

“All We Got,” “Summer Friends,” “Same Drugs,” “How Great” and “Finish Line/Drown”

Josephine Lee is the artistic director for the Chicago Children's Chior and most definitely deserves a ton of credit for the relationship between Chance and the Chior.

JP Floyd


The former Kids These Days tromboner who had five credits on Surf, makes an appearence here on “Blessings.”

Justin Bieber

“Juke Jam”

Biebz is great and all on “Juke Jam,” but it's Chance on Justin's “Confident” that made me a Belieber. (Am I kidding?)

Kanye West

“All We Got”

I've been a proponent of not comparing and contrasting Chance and Kanye, but it's impossible to deny the significance of Kanye on the opening track of Chance's album. 


“All Night”

KAYTRANADA is killing shit right now.  He just released his “99.9%” album, he's worked with Mick Jenkins, has an amazing song with Coloring Book contributor Anderson Paak (and one on Malibu), and produced Mensa's “Drive Me Crazy.” The Canadian producer is having a breakout year.

Kirk Franklin

“Finish Line/Drown”

If you still question Kanye's gospel influence on Chance you are wrong. Kirk has been Kanye's go-to gospel singer for years upon years upon years. Though it's “All We Got” that features Kanye, it's “Finish line/Drown” that is more “Ultra Light Beam”-ish with Nico, Kirk, and Chance appearing on both. 

Knox Fortune

“All Night”

Knox Fortune is an excellent producer and a SaveMoney favorite. Recently, he helped produce Joey Purp's Booth-favorite, “Cornerstore.”


“Same Drugs” and “Angels”

In addition to his work with Cashmere Cat, Ariana Grande, and Halsey, Lido is credited with producing two other SaveMoney cuts; Towkio's (very dope) “Heaven Only Knows” and Jeremih and The Social Experiment's “Planes (Remix).”

My brother @chancetherapper just dropped a blessing on em. Yours truly on production on 'Angels' and 'Same Drugs'. #ColoringBook #Chance3

— Lido (@Lido) May 13, 2016

Lil Wayne

“No Problem”

“No Problem” isn't the first time Weezy and Chano collaborated over a track produced by Cam O'bi, Nate Fox & Peter Cottontale.

Lil Yachty


I thought the ship had sailed on Yachty once he released his Vorhees-esque butchering of the Mr. Rodgers theme, but apparently his career is still afloat. He's mastered the art of being loved for being terrible, but I still don't know what the kids sea in him.  I think he brings this song down, but whatever floats your Yacht I guess…

Macie Stewart

“Same Drugs” and “Finish Line/Drown” 

Macie is a Chicago singer who was in of Kids These Days and is a current member of the KTD-off shoot, Marrow. She also appeared on Surf. I love her voice, very understated yet powerful, and she's amazing live. 

Meena Cho

“Summer Friends” and “Same Drugs”

If this is the same Meena Cho, and it appears to be–she retweeted something about fellow Coloring Book contributor Isaiah Robinson. 

Mitchell Owens

“Summer Friends” and “Same Drugs”

In addition to producing for the likes of Rockie Fresh, BJ The Chicago Kid and Donnie Trumpet, Mitchell Owens also works for the Chicago Children's Choir. 

Mount Kimbie

“Juke Jam”

Mount Kimbie is an Britich electronic production duo. They get a credit because “Juke Jam” opens with a sample of thier cut, “Adriatic.”

ICYMI – @chancetherapper used ‘Adriatic’ on the track ‘Juke Jam’ (feat @justinbieber) off his latest mixtape ��

— Mount Kimbie (@mountkimbie) May 13, 2016

Nate Foxx

“All We Got,” “D.R.A.M. Sings Special,” “Blessings,” “Same Drugs,” “Angels,” “How Great,” “Finish Line/Drown” and “Blessings”

Nate Foxx, better known as All Day Recess, is one of the most heavily-credited artists on the album, which is no surprise because he's a member of The Social Experiment and has long been a go-to for Chano. He produced what is still the best Chance track, “Juice.”

Nico Segal (Donnie Trumpet)

“All We Got,” “D.R.A.M. Sings Special,” “Blessings,” “Same Drugs,” “Angels,”  “All Night,” “Finish Line/Drown” and “Blessings”

Donnie! He's far more important than just being there in case Chance get's shortness of breath. He's Chance creative accomplice and has played a vital role in Chance's development. Without Donnie there is no Chance. 


“Finish Line/Drown”

Formerly Noname Gypsy, the Chocago artist has changed her name but kept her very unique, personable style. Keep a look out for her Donnie Trumpet-produced project, Telefone. Also I guess you could say, “a Coloring Book has no name.”

Peter Cottontale

“All We Got,” “Blessings,” “Same Drugs,” “Angels,” “Juke Jam,” “How Great,” “Finish Line/Drown” and “Blessings”

Like Foxx, Nico, Greg and Chance, Cottontale is one of the most credited artists on the album and is also another The Social Experiment member; he's been with Chance for as long as Chance has been Chance. 


Been in the studio for years sharing and creating moments with an amazing brother, friend, father , and man of God @chancetherapper . Unbelievably blessed. Here's that in 58 minutes. Listen to Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper on @AppleMusic. #coloringbook #chance3 #SoX

A photo posted by Peter CottonTale (@realcottontale) on


Rajiv Halim

“Finish Line/Drown”

Rajiv is a Chicago saxophonist. According to his Facebook he laid down some background horns and is the man behind the solo. 


“Juke Jam”

In addition to producing “Juke Jam,” Rascal recently appeared on Kalechi's Before The Quarter, along with other Coloring Book contributors Nate Foxx, Peter Cottontale and BJ The Chicago Kid. 



Raury, the ATL wunderkind signed to Columbia Records, joined Ty Dolla Sign, Anderson .Paak, Chance, Nico, BJ The Chicago Kid in the star-rtudded “Blessings” chorus. 

The choir at the end of Blessings is made up of Ty Dolla $ign, Raury, Anderson Paak, BJ the Chicago Kid, Me, Nico and more

— Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) May 14, 2016



Hopefully you already know the name Saba since he's a Top Propsects alum and makes great music that you should totally know. He's also part of Chicago's other collective, PIVOT Gang; it's cool to see PIVOT and SaveMoney come together. Also he absolutely kills the hook on “Angels.”

Sima Cunningham

“All We Got,” “Same Drugs,” “How Great” and “Finish Line/Drown”

Sima Cunningham is the sister of Kids These Days and Marrow singer/guitarist Liam Cunningham, who was also credited on Surf but (kind of unexpectedly) isn't on Coloring Book. She recently released a Prince tribute with Donnie Trumpet and is also part of HOMME with the aforementioned Macie Stewart. 


“Finish Line/Drown”

You know who T-Pain, but did you know he is also a GPS voice for Waze? 

Taylor Marrow-Simmons

“All We Got”

According to his Twitter, Simmons is Nate Foxx and Donnie Trumpet's intern which is an interesting title. Damn, he's an intern with a credit on the same song as Kanye. Salute!  

Go listen to this rn!!! Yo boi played guitar for the first song 😀

— Taylor 😀 (@taythedredhead) May 13, 2016

Teddy Jackson 

“All We Got”

Alongside Macie Stewart, Jackson's vocals were featured on Chance's 2015 cut “Family Matters.” It's amazing how much history all these artists have. 

My favorite moment working on #ColoringBook was singing with the Chicago Children's Choir. As an alumni, that brought back so memories.

— Teddy Jackson (@BigThenSmooth) May 14, 2016


“Juke Jam”

An album featuring Chance, Eryn Allen Kane, Lido, Kaytranada, Carter Lang, The Social Experiment, Donnie Trumpet, and Knox Fortune? Coloring Book​ or Towkio's 2015 project .Wav Theory

Ty Dolla Sign


Ty was a part of that crazy, star-studded chorus we talked about earlier. 

chance 3 guys chance 3!!!!!!!!! shit too fire!!

— Ty Dolla $ign (@tydollasign) May 13, 2016

Vasil Garnanliever

“All We Got” and “How Great”

If I found the right Vasil Garnanliever, than it appears as though he's one of the more unique contributors on the album. Not a producer, not a rapper, he's an opera singer. 

Young Thug


When you thought you would hate Thug on Coloring Book, but end up singing along. 

Zarif Wilder

“No Problem”

Zarid Wilder is Chicago singer TheMind, who also may be part of ThemPeople, and back in February dropped a great track laced with Donnie Trumpet horns called “Mercury Rising.” And just a few weeks ago he appeared on Joey Purp's insane cut “Cornerstore,” which was produced by Donnie Trumpet, JP Floyd, Knox Fortune, and Cottontale.

Also credited are Brian Beach (“Same Drugs”), Joseph Lopez (“Blessings”), Lakeitsha Williams (“No Problem”), Nicole Steen (“How Great”), Rachel Cato (“No Problem”), and Scott Dickinson (“Same Drugs”). Unfortunately, in our research for this piece, we were not able to confirm their exact contributions. We will update this piece once we have that information.

Well there you have it, all 73 people who worked on Chance The Rapper's Coloring Book. Normally these columns always leave me drained, and while yes, my brain wants to leak out of my ears right now, this investigation felt easier because it seemed like ever stone turned unveiled a new hidden gem or reminded me of an old one.

It's Chance's album, but it's the volume of talented people who are constantly creating in this little musical universe called Chicago, who really make it.

Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth. His favorite album is College Dropout but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth. Photo Credit to Yak.