Aaron Beri recently joined the music scene with his hit single “What If I Do?” The talented musician started writing music at a very young age, but never really shared his work with anyone. Through life’s ups and downs, the singer relied on music to give him comfort and pull him out of negative situations. His biggest inspiration has always been Diane Warren, and he aspires to follow in her footsteps when it comes to writing his own songs.


The first time Aaron discovered music was when he found his mother’s old records in the back of her Jeep. He immediately fell in love, and that’s how his journey started. Now, after many years, he is finally making his childhood dream come true, and dropping his first masterpiece.


“What If I Do?” is hip hop inspired R&B/POP song, that follows the journey of a failing relationship between two lovers. The lyrics indicate that a little ‘crazy’ party time can fix your problems, and take away your worries. The ultimate summer song with a catchy beat, and Aaron’s mind blowing vocals.


We are so excited to follow Aron’s journey to success, and witness his wins.


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