A Boogie wit da Hoodie has a lot to be happy about. In just two years, the Bronx native evolved from a budding rapper, who slowly generated buzz in his city, to becoming one the most promising acts to emerge from New York, fueled by the success the 2016 debut project Artist: The Mixtape and breakout single “My Shit.”

Boogie’s infectious “My Shit” set summer 2016 ablaze, with the rapper’s harmonized vocals and catchy one-liners rumbling through NYC radio airwaves by the hour. New York rap veterans like Remy Ma and Fabolous even gave Boogie a stamp approval with their respective “My Shit” remixes while Drake endorsed the Highbridge rapper by bringing him out during the Summer Sixteen tour stop in Madison Square Garden.

Boogie's subsequent singles followed the same success as Artist: The Mixtape cuts “Jungle” and “Bag on Me” earned millions spins and views on Soundcloud and YouTube, catching the attention Atlantic Records, who signed the artist in 2016. And the wins haven’t stopped since.

The rapper's wide-grinned smile shined bright as he waltzed into the Atlantic Records fice on Tuesday evening (April 3) for a plaque party the record label threw in his honor. Before ficially making Boogie's grand introduction, Atlantic Records’ Michael Kyser, president black music, took the mic to say a few words about A Boogie's drive for success.

“Two years ago, a gang kids came into our fice and they called themselves Highbridge the Label]. They started this company two years ago and said ‘All I want from Atlantic Records] is some guidance and we got the rest. We’re flavorful, we run the streets, we run New York.’ And they meant business,” Kyser recalled. “So who’s running New York? Highbridge and A Boogie.”

The crowd began a drumroll as Boogie, along with his Highbridge The Label team – Quincy “QP” Acheampong (chief executive ficer) and Sambou “Bubba” Camara (chief financial ficer), walked down the spiral stairs to greet his family, friends, Atlantic Records staff, and media. Boogie, dressed in an all-black custom Gucci ensemble designed by famed designer Dapper Dan, gazed at the five plaques propped up on stands in the middle the room in astonishment; the four platinum plaques – for “Jungle,” “Timeless,” “My Shit” and the triple platinum hit “Drowning” — and gold plaque for his latest album The Bigger Artist were a testament to his hard work and the many sleepless nights he and his team powered through to make their dreams come true.

“These plaques mean everything to me, even more than my chains and my chains are very valuable,” he told Billboard. Despite his growing collection hits, Boogie isn’t resting on his laurels. “You can’t just have one goal come true and then think you’re good. Even though I’ve gotten a lot plaques and success coming in, I’m constantly in grind mode. I’ve been non-stop in the studio every single night because] this is what I love doing. I always knew this is what I wanted to do but now I see that I’m really living my dream and having fun doing it. But I’m still learning.”

Always looking to reinvent himself, Boogie returned in March with an onslaught new releases, eight to be exact, featuring collaborations with YFN Lucci, Tory Lanez, and dancehall artist Alkaline, and revealed that he has a lot more in store for fans this year.

“2018 got way better, way better. I don’t think anyone is stopping A Boogie 2018, nobody,” he declared. “The singles I threw out were just teasers but the real magic is about to happen real soon — maybe a month, maybe sooner.”