“You did come here for a good time, right?” Miguel asked a sold-out crowd at New York City’s Terminal 5 Friday night (March 23). The 32-year-old singer was well aware his responsibility to entertain, and he took full advantage it.

During his nearly two-hour set, Miguel gave his all, whether he was passionately belting out a note or grooving so hard he fell to his knees. He created an environment that was as fun to be in as it was uplifting, sending messages love while inspiring sing-alongs to his biggest hits and fan favorites.

“This is the place and the time to do exactly what you want and exactly who you are,” he declared after welcoming fans to the tour. “Sing as loud as you want to, dance, enjoy yourself. It’s just you and me tonight, huh?”

Check out some highlights from the War & Leisure Tour below.

The Awe-Inspiring Stage

Before Miguel even entered the room, fans were already enthralled by what was on stage. A structure with striking horizontal and diagonal lines lit up, Miguel’s opening number “Now” revealed that the platform created a two-level, playground-esque setup for the singer. Miguel covered every inch the stage, running up and down the ramp during almost every song.

Miguel's Energy is Infectious 

While his stage certainly allowed for a lively performance, Miguel’s vitality was enough to light up the room even if the structure and screen behind him didn’t. He was all smiles all night, engaging with the crowd and exuding an energy that completely filled the space. “I’ve never been happier on tour than I’ve been on this tour,” he wrote in an Instagram post early on in the trek. That was definitely evident at Terminal 5.

He’s Pretty Spastic — and It's Fantastic

Along with his energy came plenty dancing, complete with moves as smooth as Michael Jackson's one minute and unhinged bouncing that involved tossing his fringe-covered mic stand around the next. It was clear Miguel wasn't holding nothing back as he led by example and encouraged everyone in the to dance along with him — especially when he jumped into the crowd during “waves.”

The Raunchiness is Rather Endearing

Part his choreography involved some seriously sexual vibes, which, course, made the girls in the crowd go wild. Miguel has always incorporated seduction in to his music (if you need pro, just read the lyrics to “Pussy Is Mine” or “Cfee,” both which he performed) but he really brought it to life in his gyrations or body rolls while singing his most raunchy lyrics. As free as he flailed, the seduction came f cool — and practically contagious.

It's a Family Affair

As the most devoted Miguel fans know, having Nonchalant Savant – the first opener the night – on tour with him is not a happenstance. The two singers are biological brothers, and the siblings shared the stage for a rendition Miguel’s Wildheart track “DEAL” that was easily one the most memorable the night. Even if Miguel hadn’t told the crowd that Nonchalant Savant is his “blood brother” before they performed, their chemistry was undeniable as they flawlessly harmonized and bounced around in sync.

Miguel, Singer Turned Life Coach

Toward the end his set, Miguel took time to thank everyone who had gotten him to that point. Once he thanked the fans for sticking with him since his first album, All I Want Is You, Miguel went on to talk about the connection between all four his LPs, which in turn became a motivational spiel. “Kaleidoscope Dream is all about understanding that you are the curator your own reality… molding, creating, choosing how you see the world and what it is you experience.” When it comes to Wildheart, “It’s about living within that reality, trusting your own voice and the infinite wisdom within. And living your fucking truth.” And finally, War & Leisure, which is about understanding that every day is not easy, but we all fight for the things we love in life to make sure we live it to the fullest – and “we all got a reason to celebrate it.”

Hitting Every Note (and Then Some)

Miguel didn’t really need any support from a backing band or a striking stage setup, as his voice alone was enough to carry the show. His records are no joke when it comes to power notes or runs, but that didn’t even phase him in a live setting. Miguel gives his all vocally, giving fans every little intricacy his songs that they hear on his albums – even adding some impromptu bonuses, like extra falsetto on “Adorn” and an a cappella finish to what he dubbed his favorite track, “City Angels.” The spot-on vocals are plenty to make a Miguel show worthwhile, but add that to all the other aspects the spectacle, and you’ve got yourself one hell a night. Splish, splish!