There were horror writers before Stephen King and there will almost certainly be horror writers after Stephen King, but there will never be another writer as able to capture the world’s imagination so thoroughly with his ability to terrify in one moment and inspire hope in the next.

Not only has King written nearly 90 bone-chilling and engrossing books in his decades-long career, his work has also been adapted for film or TV nearly 80 times. Most recently, The Stand, King’s 1978 saga about the apocalypse, was adapted for TV and will premiere tonight on CBS All Access. Of course, the problem with adapting a book to film is that the film version rarely lives up to the book.

With that said, out of nearly 80 adaptions, a few have to go right sometimes. While its too soon to say how The Stand will fare, we can recommend these 10 movies, which we consider the best Stephen King movies ever made.

10. Children of the Corn (1984)

Based on King’s 1977 short story of the same name, Children of the Corn gained a cult following and inspired a film franchise despite lackluster reviews. The film follows a young couple as they drive through a small town in Nebraska, where they soon discover that the children of the town are beholden by an evil force called “He Who Walks Behind the Rows,” who demands that the children sacrifice all the adults in the town to ensure a successful harvest. It’s full of unintentionally hilarious 80s effects and tends to feel silly at points, but it still manages to offer plenty of scary moments.

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