Yesterday, the rapper 6ix9ine posted the following image and caption to Instagram:

There’s a lot to process here. “Turn the 6 upside down it’s 9 but remains the same in a different perspective,” for instance. There’s also just the general notion 6ix9ine, convicted “use a child in a sexual performance,” posting inspirational Instagram content. But, course, the sentence that really sticks out is: “The true meaning 69 is just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong YOU JUST HAVEN’T SEEN LIFE FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.”

I sympathize with part that sentence. “Just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong” is a perfect way to end an argument. Nonetheless, it’s really hard for me to get past the idea that that is “the true meaning 69.” 6ix9ine has gotten famous so perhaps he feels that he’s more an authority on 69 than the rest us, but I’m here to say that “the true meaning 69″ is sex.

Thank you, and no other arguments will be heard at this time.

This article was originally published by Spin.