50 Cent Speaks On His Relationship With Floyd Mayweather


50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have had a long and interesting relationship.

It hit its low point when Fif decided to mock Mayweather’s ability to read.

Last year they seemed to be friends again. But then 50 blamed him for the collapse of his boxing promotion business. 

So where do 50 and Money now stand?

In an interview with Vanity Fair (in which 50 said he couldn’t discuss any of his court cases or his bankruptcy) this is how he characterized his relationship with Mayweather.

Floyd and I are really good friends, but we argue like regular people argue. The difference is when we have disputes, it winds up on CNN or Instagram. I can cuss him out, call him names, say whatever I want to him, but he’s my little brother. Every fighter says he’s going to retire—what’s left when you fight the biggest, most highly anticipated fight? But I do think he’ll fight again.

We suspect Mayweather will fight again, too. But will it be against UFC star Conor McGregor?

50 Cent Speaks On His Relationship With Floyd Mayweather