G-Unit boss 50 Cent recently talked about his hit “Power” show inevitably being compared to Fox’s “Empire” television series and why they are vastly different.

In Fif’s opinion, his Starz series is much more than just black Hollywood.

“The comparisons between those shows are really small. I don’t even like being classified as a black show. The movie American Gangster had Denzel Washington in it, Russell Crowe as the cop, and the poster had both of them on it. [Eminem’s] 8 Mile was a movie about the hip-hop world and it opened in about 3,000 theaters. But Get Rich or Die Tryin’ [the semi-autobiographical film that marked 50 Cent’s acting debut] cost $36 million; they gave me [director] Jim Sheridan, Quincy Jones did the score, and that movie was classified as a black movie—and it opened in 1,700 theaters. I guess all we needed was a white police officer. With Power, I wanted the poster to feature Joe Sikora—Tommy [the white character]—because this show is as diverse as New York City. When we said that New York was a character, it is literally that. My goal is to make the show bigger and bigger and have everybody watch it.” (Vanity Fair)


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