Hip-hop may have started out in the park, but has blossomed into a cultural force worldwide, with people from all walks life claiming it as their own.

However, for many years, hip-hop was relegated to the inner-city, with middle America and even members the urban community shunning the culture and writing f its music as a fad, until acts like Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and other crossover acts helped usher rap into the mainstream during the late '80s.

Radio may have played a big part in introducing listeners to new rap acts and music, but it was TV programs like Video Music Box, Yo! MTV Raps, Rap City and others that would truly spread the word and get the country familiar with rap music. With hip-hop now beginning to account for millions in sales and many its artists becoming as influential as the biggest acts in all music, the television and film industries took notice and began implementing the hip-hop aesthetic and vibe into their work.

The early '90s marked the beginning this trend, with a number breakout shows using rap music, creating plots surrounding the culture, and even going as far as casting rap stars in roles and tapping them for cameos. This all resulted in a renaissance sorts, where hip-hop emerged from the shadows and proved itself to be worthy a slot on prime-time TV.

The Boombox looks back at 10 influential shows from the '90s that were among the first to embrace hip-hop and put on for the culture.