By Sarah Murphy
Published Jul 05, 2018

Besides selling millions of albums and performing sold-out stadium shows, JAY-Z has had his fair share of viral internet fame too. But earlier this week, he outdid himself and gave the internet a meme they’re loving even more than his awkward diving, awkward basketball spinning and awkward football throwing — awkward jet skiing.
Yes, HOV pulled a DJ Khaled and hit the high seas on one of the motorized machines recently, and the results were just as awkward as all of his other athletic activities.
Naturally, Twitter has been having a field day with the totally meme-able photos, and you can see some of the best reactions and Photoshops down below.
And for the record, JAY-Z’s wife Beyoncé also hit the ocean on a jet ski. She looked flawless.
Hell, even 50 Cent had something to say.